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RJR Software Co is the creator of the Eggdrop Config (past versions being called the Eggdrop Config File Creator). These programs come in very handy for those people who want to run Eggdrops, but don't know how or don't have the time to setup the Eggdrop's Configuration file. RJR Software plans to try to release a new version atleast once a month. Thanks for supporting RJR Software Co! (Part of the open source community)
  Company Headquarters:
You may reach RJR Software by emailing us at rrossman2@hotmail.com

Now Availible! Eggdrop Config version 1.0.5Beta! This just released version is the newest Eggdrop Config to be released by Ron Rossman.
   No new features have been added into the program yet, but I have started the process of converting them to other languages (Hence the use of the buttons above to select the language). Within the next few weeks I home to find time between my job and school to complete the program. Hopefully that won't take too long :)
   Thanks again to everyone who has downloaded the program and helped give me the visitors I have had. You'll also notice I tried to make it easier on your all by developing a new download section (with 2 mirror sites that are most likely faster than Tripod (the main site).
This Eggdrop bots and Tcl scripts site is run by RJR Software Co.
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